Trevil S.r.l.


Trevil provides a complete range of tensioning equipment, including shirt finishers, pants toppers and form finishers providing superior quality at high production rates.

The Trevil range includes several machines for automatic garment finishing that benefit from a ten years experience in tensioning equipment, and a cooperation with the most demanding customers.

The Trevistar shirt finisher is the leader in blowing shirt finishers. Featuring a rounded cuff clamp with press for placket and a shoulder drying module, it allows finishing one shirt per minute, virtually without touch-up.

The Pantamat range of pants toppers, includes several models: with side to side or front to back waistband tensioning, with utility cuff clamps for creased or uncreased trousers, with pleat clamps.

Treviform tensioning form finishers for jackets and coats feature a rotating form and pneumatic clamps for side vents.

The Princess Deluxe is a utility tensioning finisher with full length form and patented rotating front clamp for drycleaned or washed garments. A versatile machine for shirts, jackets, coats, blouses, etc that can easily fit into a store, as a replacement for the traditional blowing finisher.

Tensioning equipment by Trevil offer relevant advantages: High quality finish, Ease of use, Long lifetime.

  • High quality finish: the aim of automation is to reduce manual work to a minimum. If the garment needs significant touch up at the end of the cycle, than the benefits of automation are lost. As an example, the Treviform form finisher does a perfect job with jackets, overcoats, sports jackets, either washed or drycleaned. The linings are not crushed, fabrics regain volume and a soft hand. Only a few touch-ups to the details (e.g. lapel, pockets) are needed to reach the final result.
  • Ease of use: an inexperienced operator can easily identify the controls needed to operate the machine; the ergonomic position makes it comfortable to work hours in front of the appliance. This results in higher productivity and makes it easier to find people that can work with the machine. All finishers by Trevil are operated by a single pedal, another pedal or button allows to undo the last move; a repositionable console groups all controls in one single location at hand; the Trevil programmer is easy to use: after the first customized programming by the technician, all the operator has to do is select the required program. A group of buttons on the console allow to activate most common overrides.
  • Long lifetime: an automatic piece of equipment is expensive. Any maintenance stop causes direct costs and indirect costs due to lack of production. An initial saving may not be a good choice if it turns into high maintenance costs or frequent stoppages. Trevil equipment is built to last, with first quality components and sturdy mechanical design. When maintenance is needed, Trevil equipment is designed to make the job easy and fast.

The Trevil range of finishing equipment is among the most complete in the market. It also includes: electric steam boilers for professional use, finishing tables with suction, blowing and up steam, finishing cabinets, presses, irons and spotting equipment.

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